Georgia Forestry Magazine:

Georgia Forestry Association hired Fuel Films to produce and photograph a series of portraits for their quarterly magazine. The project entitled “ Masters of the Supply Chain” featured the careers of three people in the Georgia forestry industry. The articles highlighted the importance of tech in the forestry industry and how each subject was using it to increase productivity in their specific field. The images captured from this assignment were also utilized on all digital platforms to raise awareness about GFA and the importance of forestry in the state of Georgia.



Fuel Films collaborated with GFA to produce video and design content for the Georgia Amendment 3 Campaign. Fuel Films created a series of video vignettes that told the stories of 5 Georgia foresters and the positive impact Amendment 3 would have on their careers and families. In addition to the video component FF created a series of motion graphics and charts to help explain the details of Amendment 3. GFA used these assets to launch a targeted social media campaign on Facebook and Instagram. The campaign proved to be a success when Amendment 3 was passed in Fall 2018.

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Hurricane michael relief

Fuel Films produced a video highlighting the impact of Hurricane Michael on the South Georgia Forestry Industry. Through a series of interviews and video aerials Fuel Films helped the viewer to get a sense of the damage caused by Michael and the effect it had on the local economy. GFA used this video to raise emergency funds for the South Georgia Foresters impacted by Hurricane Michael.